Isokinetics Inc. Deluxe Pedal Exerciser - Black - Fully Assembled

Isokinetics Inc. Deluxe Pedal Exerciser - Black - Fully Assembled

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    One of our 6 quality Isokinetics Inc. pedal exercisers we bring direct to you from the manufacturer. No middleman means you save more.

    Dycem strips 

    The Isokinetics Deluxe Pedal Exerciser creates resistance using a nylon band, combined with gears, which tightens around a cylinder when you crank the pedals, creating an even resistance and smooth pedal rotation. Turn the resistance control knob to increase or decrease resistance. The digital readout provides workout information updated constantly. Use it as a floor pedal exerciser for leg exercises or place it on a table for arm exercises.

    Compared to our Standard Pedal Exerciser or Magnetic Pedal Exerciser, the Deluxe Pedal Exerciser is better suited for office use since it sits lower and fits better under a desk. The Deluxe model is the most appropriate for under desk use, with the pedals topping out at 10.5" from the floor. The sleek black color fits in with most decor and makes it more inconspicuous in an office setting.
    Some easy assembly is required and a tool is included.

    Start your exercise program slowly and gradually work up to 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week. Don't overdo! ALWAYS consult a physician before beginning this, or any other, exercise program. See all Isokinetics pedal exercisers.

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    • A fully automatic multifunctional electronic monitor
    • Batteries included
    • An LED display
    • Easy dial adjustable resistance
    • Lightweight design: 17 lbs
    • Anti-skid foot pads
    • Includes Dycem Anti-Skid strips for added traction on hard surface floors
    • Wrap-around foot straps
    • Also available in white
    • 1 year warranty from Isokinetics Inc.
    • Regular shipping rates apply (we don't have "oversized item" charges)

    Digital Readout Features:

    Mode Functions:
    • Scan - Scans settings for each of the modes every four (4) seconds
    • Speed - Speed machine is "traveling," measured in miles per hour (Mph)
    • Distance - Distance "traveled" for each session, measured in miles
    • Timer - How long machine has been used during one exercise session
    • Odometer - Total mileage of machine
    • Calories Burned - Calories burned each session
    • Machine shuts off automatically if unoperated for more than four (4) minutes


    • Height - 11"
    • Pedals top out at 10.5"
    • Width - 15.5" to outside foot pads
    • Width - 16.5" to outside foot pedals
    • Width - 4" mechanism housing
    • Length - 19" to outside foot pads
    • Weight - 17 pounds

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