Torex Pro Ankle Cold & Compression Boot


Torex Pro Ankle Cold & Compression Boot

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    The MC2 is a pro grade high performance ankle cold & hot and compression brace designed by a leading professional NBA certified athletic trainer. On or off the court the MC2 is designed to be a premium ankle pain management and recovery solution. The removable polyurethane u shaped gel inserts provide focused hot or cold therapy. The heavy duty elastic 3 point fasting system allows for ultra fast self adjusting compression that maximizes treatment.


    • Used Hot, MC2 provides soothing long lasting relief. Great for arthritis. Heats in the microwave in about one minute. Can be used repeatedly and save hundreds of dollars over expensive one-time-use hot packs.
    • Used Cold, MC2 provide fast first aid for acute soft tissue injuries, and other conditions that require cold applications to combat swelling, pain and bruising. Store in the freezer or refrigerator.
    • Includes insulating compression bandage to protect the skin from extreme temperature.
    • Torex MC2 Ankle is latex-free, non-toxic and can go from freezer to microwave and back over and over again.
    • Multi layered tri-bond boot provides strength and support
    • Adjustable elastic strapping allows dynamic compression
    • Exclusive removable malleolar shaped gel inserts cradle soft tissue structures damaged in most ankle injuries

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