30" DynaBoard

30" DynaBoard

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    Product Code: et_exdb30

    Price: $14.25

    Product Description

    The 30” DynaBoard can be used for wider two-leg stances with either an extra inflated DynaDisc or the DynaDisc PLUS.

    NOTE: The DynaDisc or DynaDisc Plus is not included. Please order separately.

    It can also be used in a sitting position, thereby increasing the demand in stabilizing and coordinating the center of the body. In a seated position, you can rotate the board along its edge both clockwise and counter-clockwise and rock the board symmetrically to the left and right, forward and backwards, and on diagonals.

    The DynaBoards are made of high quality 5/8" Baltic Birch aluminum oxide/sand non-skid surface.

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