Endorphin Exercise Pulleys, Cable Columns, and Exercise Stations

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Endorphin Strength, fitness and rehabilitation products Endorphin products are used primarily for rehabilitation professionals, physical therapists, physical therapy clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers and hospitals to treat the therapy patient. Products include standard cable columns, bilateral cable columns, wall pulleys, high speed pulley systems, portable cable columns, sit-to-stand trainers, parallel dip(rickshaw), multi-purpose exercise benches, wheelchair accessible exercise stations and ergometers. All Endorphin products are built with wheelchair accessibility and with the comfort of the physically challenged patient in mind.

Quality, service and value is much more than a slogan to us - it is a commitment. That is what sets Endorphin apart from the rest of the pack. Endorphin products have been the first choice of physical therapy and rehabilitation professionals for almost two decades. Although we offer the highest quality products combined with the industry's best warranty and customer service, Endorphin Products are competitively priced.

If you demand quality, service and value - we have the right product for you.

Endorphine products include mobile , wall mounted, and stationary cable columns, sit to stand trainers, parallel did machines, exercise stations, upper and lower extremity bikes, all built with the rehabilitation patient in mind.
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