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FabrifoamProductsis the inventor of fabrifoam material, a patented hydrophilicopen-cell foam joined to high quality fabrics. Fabrifoamincorporates its material in the design, manufacture and marketing ofmedicaldevices for musculoskeletal care, prevention and pain management, underthe Fabrifoambrand.

The material is availablewith varying degrees anddirection of stretch for a broad spectrum of uses. The currentlineincludes several therapeutic versions: NuStimWrap™,ProWrap™,SuperWrap™andMediWrap™. Fabrifoamhasprovento be a superiormaterial for stabilization, motion control, repositioning, compressionandsupport. It also excels as a wrap forsecuring electrodes, IV’s and hot/cold packs. Fabrifoam isdermatologicallysafe and can be worn forextended periods of time. It provides a conservative, non-invasive,effective treatment protocol. Fabrifoam offers a line of non-rigidbracing devices, wrapsand straps, as well as roll goods.

Our products help treat andprevent ailments and injuries that affect the foot, knee, ankle, arm,elbow,wrist, hand, and other areas subjected to soft tissue discomfort. Thisincludes conditions such as chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis,excessivepronation, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, wrist pain and strain,ITBS, runner’sknee, swimmer’s arm, tennis elbow, ankle sprain, lymphedema,athletic injuries,etc.Lightweight,transportable, quickand simple to apply, the line is especially effective for on-the-gouse.

Fabrifoam’sFeatures and Benefits:
  • Breathable
  • Latex-Free,Neoprene-Free, Adhesive-Free
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • ProvidesMaximum Compression
  • Non-Slip
  • InfinitelyAdjustable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Trimto Customize
  • Velcro® HookReceptive
  • LowProfile, Soft, Comfortable
  • Easy to Wrap-On &Secure
  • Hand-Washable,Reusable, Durable
The product line-up isappropriate for podiatry, physical and occupational therapy, sportstherapy andinjury prevention, lymphedema/edema, chiropractic, O&P andveterinary care. Thebraces and wraps areeffective forbiomechanical ailments and are highly regarded for both adult andpediatricapplications in part because of their safety, comfort, ease of use andnon-migratory qualities.

Thefoam side,worn against the skin, has a high coefficient of friction to helppreventmovement. Thisalso allows for goodcompression and support without the need to over-tighten or pinch theskin. Its breathability mitigatesheat build-up andmoisture. Mostproducts fit easily underclothing and in footwear. Fabrifoamis extremely patient-friendly, assuring better patient compliance andsuccessful outcomes. Take a look at the dynamic wraps and pre-formed devices for bracing, compression, repositioning, support and preventive care made from Fabrifoam's patented hypoallergenic, customizable materials.

Since1992, Fabrifoamhas been providing medical professionals with unique treatmentalternatives. Wedesign, develop, manufacture and ship fromour facility in Exton, PA.

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