Clinton Adjustable Small Staircase

Clinton Adjustable Small Staircase

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    Product Code: clinton_4-6500

    Price: From $718.4

    Product Description

  • 1. 1.5" diameter stainless steel handrails with end bumpers
  • 2. Fast easy height adjustments with self indexing spring action plungers and numbered height indicator strips (no holes to line up or count)
  • 3. Second knob removes any side-to-side play for a rigid upright
  • 4. Hardwood plywood base with durable, UV satin, topcoat finish
  • 5. Assembled with steel fasteners (No glued wood dowels)
  • 6. All edges are banded with tough, Slate Gray, PVC edge material
  • 7. 2 full width safety treads on each step
  • 8. Available in 30" and 36" widths
  • 9. 450 lbs. weight limit (both models)
  • 10. Reinforced bariatric load capacities
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