Hydro-Tone Pool Pony - Yellow

Hydro-Tone Pool Pony - Yellow

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    Product Description

    Foam flotation device for support with deep water exercises.

    The Pool Pony flotation device is intended as an aquatic exercise and therapy tool. It helps you stay afloat while doing exercise in a pool. It is not intended as a safety device or child's toy (although a child may use it with proper supervision).

    Pool Pony illustration for use
    • Gives just enough of a lift to allow a smaller individual to be fully buoyant, or a larger person to achieve deeper submergence to maximize a deep water workout
    • Ideal for women who are pregnant and do not want a belt around the waist
    • Made of ensolite foam with a thin yellow PVC outer coating
    • Compared to a typical water noodle, it is denser, more buoyant and not as flexible
    Pool Pony in use

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