Isokinetics Inc. Magnetic Pedal Exerciser - Gray

Isokinetics Inc. Magnetic Pedal Exerciser - Gray

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    One of our 6 quality Isokinetics Inc. pedal exercisers we bring direct to you from the manufacturer. No middleman means you save more.

    Dycem strips 

    Pedal exercisers offer an effective solution, providing a mechanism for achieving a biking-like workout without bulky equipment. Pedal exercisers are small enough to be kept and used at a desk, couch, or table. By allowing workouts in different places, the pedal exerciser allows the user to multitask as they can now accomplish other tasks while exercising. Additionally, by placing the pedal exerciser on the table, it can also be used for arm and hand workouts: something a traditional stationary bike cannot offer.

    Benefits of Magnetic Resistance:
    • Quiet - no gears grinding means less noise
    • Smooth motion - arm and leg motion is liquid and carried forward by momentum
    • Longer life - less internal mechanical interaction and wear on parts
    The Magnetic Pedal Exerciser is used for upper and lower body exercises, allowing the user to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range-of-motion and coordination. The Resistance Dial controls the amount of resistance applied during exercise. Turn the Resistance Dial clockwise for a more difficult workout, and counter clockwise for a less difficult workout. A fully automatic 5-function digital display indicates the speed, time exercised, calories consumed, distance "traveled" and scan of all functions. The LCD Monitor will automatically begin displaying information when you start exercising, or if you press the Mode Button.
    Specifically, the Mode button selects the following:
    • DIST: accumulates the workout distance when starting the exercise
    • CAL: calories you burn during your workout time
    • SPEED: current speed (in Miles Per Hour) traveled during workout time
    • SCAN: automatically scans through all the functions, and displays each briefly on the LCD Monitor
    • TIME: accumulates the total duration of workout time
    • RESET: Hold down the Mode Button for two seconds in order to reset all functions
    The LCD Monitor automatically shuts off if no input signal is received within a 4-5 minute period.

    See all Isokinetics pedal exercisers.

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    • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system
    • Fully automatic 5-function digital display
    • Adjustable front feet for stability and storage
    • Adjustable foot straps
    • Includes Dycem Anti-Skid strips for added traction on hard surface floors
    • Available in Black or Gray
    • 1 year warranty from Isokinetics Inc.
    • Regular shipping rates apply (we don't have "oversized item" charges)


    • Total Height - 18" (top of digital display)
    • Total Width - 15" (to outsides of pedals)
    • Min Length - 16" (adjustable feet retracted)
    • Max Length - 21" (adjustable feet extended)
    • Cabinet width - 4"
    • Cabinet height - 15" (from floor)
    • Cabinet length - 15" (to outside knob)
    • Weight - 18 lbs

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