Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Disc/Balance Cushion - 14" Diameter - Many Colors

Isokinetics Inc. brand 14" Balance Cushions are a little bigger and sturdier than our competition. They are used for physical therapy and home exercise. People also use them as a seat cushion for sitting long hours. Parents and teachers also report they work well as "wiggle seats" for restless children (parents and schools are big customers). We price them to be affordable sold individually, and we encourage you to compare our bottom line price when ordering in volume.

We stand behind all of our products with a 1 year guarantee administered directly from our Arkansas headquarters. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Disc/Balance Cushion - 14" Diameter - Many Colors

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    Product Description

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    Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Disc/Balance Cushions are high quality products we bring to you direct from the manufacturer. No middleman means you save! And, we provide all of our Discs with a 1 year guarantee from Isokinetics Inc.

    Exercise and balance discs have a dual use. They can be used for sitting to give you the same benefits as sitting on an exercise ball. They are used in exercise to provide an unstable surface, forcing you to use more muscles to remain balanced thus getting a more complete workout.

    Parents and teachers also report great success using them as a "wiggle seat" to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still.

    About half of our sales for our exercise/balance cushions go to teachers and parents who have recognized that, for many restless children, these "wiggly" seat cushions have a calming effect. No one seems to have any scientific explanation why these often work, but we suspect it is because children's attention is focused on balancing themselves and they enjoy the feeling of "floating on air." They may also like the feeling of the knobbed surface; if not, the other side is smooth.

    Balance cushions by design are not inflated to feel solid. The idea is to have the surface be able to shift back and forth, requiring the person seated to make small adjustments to stay balanced (you won't fall over, as the height is only 3"). Our cushions come pre-inflated to a level suited for use as wiggle seat.

    One reason for the popularity of Isokinetics Inc. balance/exercise cushions as a wiggle seat, we believe, is the affordable price. We buy these direct from the manufacturer, which allows us to keep our price low. Our quality is as good as it gets at a lower cost than specialty cushions marketed as "child wiggle seats."

    Another reason our cushions are so popular are the wide variety of colors we make available, including many children consider to be "fun."

    While we can guarantee the quality of our product, we cannot guarantee they will work on your child. However, the vast majority of feedback we receive, and other reviews you can find researching online, indicate balance cushions are one solution for fidgety kids that often work.


    • 14" in diameter by 3" high
    • Non Latex material
    • Comes inflated at a level suitable for most uses, so a pump is not included. However, for those who want to add more pressure, we offer an optional low cost Needle Nose Pump, sold separately
    • Made of the same material as a gym ball
    • Available in 10 colors
    • A true alternative to sitting on an exercise ball
    • Popularly used as a "wiggle seat" to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still
    • Perfect for seniors and chronic back pain sufferers to use in therapy, at home or even the office
    • Sit on chair, lay on the floor, stand with 1 or 2 feet
    • Can be used on either the smooth or textured surfaces
    • Enhance weight training by standing on two discs
    • Do sit-ups, lunges, deep knee bends, push-ups or leg lifts
    • One of the best core stabilization devices available

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