Traction Devices and Supplies

Traction is the act of applying a mild stretch at constant pressure to the body tissues, especially muscles and ligaments, around areas of pain involving pressure on bones. Traction devices provide pain relief in these areas. Traction most often is applied to the spine, typically focusing on the neck (cervical) and lower back (lumbar) regions. Traction helps to cause separation of the intervertebral joint space which may reduce bulging and impingement of the spinal region focused on. Straps hold parts of the body in place, allowing traction to stretch the area of focus. Halters and pivots allow increased range of angles in traction. Traction is also used to relieve pain in wrists caused by carpal tunnel. Traction devices range from full size beds to over-the-door models. While most traction is applied at the doctor's office, products like Saunders HomeTrac now allow patients to administer therapy at home.
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