Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair - Black 52cm Ball - Free Pump

Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair - Black 52cm Ball - Free Pump

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    Price: $99.95

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    Thefirst weightbearing adjustable seat backexercise ball chair on the market!

    TheIsokinetics Inc.™ Adjustable Back Exercise Ball Chair is thefirst of its kind to include a weightbearing,adjustable seat back. Similarchairs’ seat backs are designed only toprovide position guidance and balance assistance. With our seat back,you canlean back and relax, like in a regular office chair, or position it onyour lower back to provide additional support, reinforcing a proper,upright sitting position. 

    Isokinetics Inc.™ Ball Chairs are the same quality productssold by others, but we bring them to you direct from the manufacturer.No middleman means there is no need to pay more! And, we provide all ofour chairs with a 1 year guarantee.

    Adjustable Back Ball Chair

    • Seat back adjustable byheight and forward/backward position
    • The seat back is designed tosupport your body weight like a regular office chair
    • Includes a free 55cmexercise ball, with a free "no guess" ballmeasuring tape to determine proper inflation size
    • Frame color: Black
    • Includes a basic pump*
    • 4 easy-roll wheels, 2 ofwhich are lockable
    • Illustrated exercise pamphlet
    • Best fit is for people 5' to5'11" tall (Need more height? Add our BallChair HeightAdapters.)
    • 21"W x 22"D; seatback adjusts between 32" and 34"; a properly inflated ball tops (beforesitting) out at 25"
    • Weight limit, 300 lbs
    • Weighs 14 pounds
    • Some assembly required
    • 1 year guarantee fromIsokinetics Inc.
    Exercise Ball Office Chair
    Your body, when positioned on top of an exercise ball, is constantlymaking small adjustments, often imperceptible, to remain balanced andthus is constantly exercising a large group of muscles in doing so. Bystrengthening your body's core muscle group you help improve yourposture, have better balance and guard against back injuries.

    Balacne Ball Chair

    *Anote about the free pump.
    We provide a small pump for free for you to have a way to inflate yourball. However, exercise balls require a lot of air and it will take alot of pumping with the free pump. Even bicycle tire pumps can take along time (there's not much air in a bicycle tire).

    So, you may want to consider purchasing at this time a highvolume air pump, especially ifyou use exercise balls a lot or have other things you often inflate,like pool toys. These pumps push air on the up and down strokes and thehigher volume ones can fill an exercise ball in a matter of minutes.

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