Mettler Sonicator Portable Ultrasound

Mettler Sonicator Portable Ultrasound

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    Product Code: mt_718-mt_719

    Price: From $2195

    Product Description

    Mettler's technologies are changing the look of ultrasound therapy.

    A new style in portable ultrasound therapy systems, catering to the needs of athletes and others.

    The system is readily available when needed and is ideal for treating sprains, muscle pains, or joint contracture on the spot.

    Two different models are available, the Sonicator 718(1MHz) or the Sonicator 719(3MHz).


    • Organic El(electro-luminescence) Display
    • Small Portable Size
    • Full clinical power
    • Contact Indicator
    • Waterproof
    • Rechargeable battery (included)


    • Power Consumption: 50VA
    • Ultrasound Frequency: 1MHz
    • Duty: 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 100%
    • Pulse Frequency: 100Hz + 5%
    • Timer: 30 minutes + 1 minute
    • ERA: 5.5cm
    • BNR: 3.5
    • Output stability: Power fluctuation: +20%, Variability with time: +20%
    • Classification: Class I/ Internally powered equipment, Type BF

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