Thera-Band Latex Free Exercise Bands - Green (25 yards)

Thera-Band Latex Free Exercise Bands - Green (25 yards)

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    Product Code: tb_20340

    Price: $50.03

    Product Description

    The new Thera-Band® Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands were formulated to match the pull forces of our existing Latex Resistance Bands! The new formula also delivers no scent and no powder for ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

  • The only Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands that match the market-leading Thera-Band® System of Trusted Progression. Together, these products form one system that meets all patient needs.
  • Meets the needs of patients and practitioners with latex allergies.
  • The best option for facilities and hospitals with a “no latex” policy.
  • Matched / Identical Pull Forces to Thera-Band® Latex identical performance to Thera-Band® Latex that practitioners have used and trusted in their practice for 30 years.
  • No Scent
  • No Powder
  • Identical Colors to Thera-Band® Latex-easy to recognize Thera-Band® Color Progression. Exercise band colors

    System of progressive resistance

    latex free band NEW

    How to use Thera-Band
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  • Features

    - Digital Touch Panel for quick easy operation
    - Computer or Panel Control
    - Multi-Mode operation; Isokinetic, Isometric, Isotonic, Reactive Eccentric and Passive
    - Concentric speed up to 500 deg/sec
    - Eccentric speed up to 300 deg/sec
    - Concentric torque up to 500 ft-lb (680 Nm)
    - Eccentric torque up to 300 ft-lb (408 Nm)
    - Passive speed as low as .25 deg/sec
    - Passive torque as low as .5 ft-lb
    - Isotonic torque as low as .5 ft-lb

    Clinical Data Station:

    - 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 CPU
    - 40 GB Hard Drive
    - 256 MB RAM
    - 48x CDRW
    - Windows XP Operating System
    - Biodex Advantage Software
    - SVGA Color Monitor
    - Color Printer

    Attachments for: Ankle, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist
    Attachment Cart
    Calibration Kit
    Manuals and Wall Chart
    220 VAC Dynamometer

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