Thera-Band Single Pack Latex Exercise Bands 5' Lengths - FREE SHIPPING

Thera-Band Single Pack Latex Exercise Bands 5' Lengths - <b>FREE SHIPPING</b>

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    For people who know what they want, we make it simple and economical with these single band packs that contain 1 genuine Thera-Band Latex Resistance Band, 5.5" wide by 5' long. Includes Free USPS Shipping!

    Can be used with or without optional Thera-Band accessories, which include exercise handles, door anchor, extremity strap and assist attachment device.

    Theraband exercise bands

    Thera-Band exercise bands are low cost, portable and versatile resistance products with virtually unlimited uses for improving strength, mobility and flexibility. Endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), they are recognized worldwide as the original System of Progressive Resistance. Uses for the Thera-Band Bands include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, birthing, yoga, pilates, stability, and resistance.

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    ***Note: Free USPS shipping to continental U.S. only, not Alaska or Hawaii***

    Latex Free exercise bands are also available.

    See all Thera-Band accessories.

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  • Anatomic cuff design for complete coverage of affected area
  • Measured compression for patient comfort
  • Controlled cold eliminates the risk of tissue damage
  • Detachable cooler allows for uninterrupted treatment

  • Indication
  • Trauma
  • Post-op treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • aircastpicture

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