Kinetec Performa Knee CPM(Continuous Passive Motion) Machine

Knee CPM machines are used in the home and hospital to provide economical range of motion therapy


Kinetec Performa Knee CPM(Continuous Passive Motion) Machine

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    Product Description

    The Kinetec Performa Knee CPM is used during Phase 1 rehabilitation to to provide passive range of motion after total knee replacements, ACL repair, Carticel Procedures, Femur Fractures, Tibial Plateau Fractures, and Closed Manipulations

    State-of-the art in anatomical knee rehabilitation equipment. UL-approved computerized hand control is completely waterproof.


    Pediatric component that allows use of the CPM with a femur or tibia as short as 10 inches.
    Minus 3 degrees knee extension to 125 degrees of knee flexion.
    Patient compliance meter.
    Anatomical alignment of hip and knee to prevent anterior tibial translation.
    CPM pushes from underneath thigh, rather than at the foot.
    35 pounds.
    Left to right changeover with no removable parts.
    Heavy duty motor.
    Electrical Stim on/off switch to allow use of e-stim for muscle reeducation of quadriceps muscle when CPM is paused in extension.
    Force control to limit the amount of force the CPM applies.
    Speed control.

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