Dynatron 25 Series Combination and Stim Units from Dynatronics

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Dynatron(Dynatronics) 25 Series Combo units are used by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Hand Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Chiropractors to provide electrotherapy and ultrasound to increase blood flow/circulation, decrease pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve muscle atrophy and muscle re-education, strengthen weak muscles, and reduce scar adhesions. Orthopedic patients, as well as Neurologic patients in outpatient and inpatient therapy settings are treated with electrotherapy and ultrasound as part of their physical therapy treatment.

Dynatronics 25 Series Exclusive 3 & 5 Channel Models with Unequaled ComboPlus Combination Therapy. All Channels allow fully-independent treatment setups as well as ComboPlus Technology offering Ultrasound in combination with Interferential, Premodulated, Biphasic, High Voltage pulsed stimulation, and Russian stimulation using any available electrotherapy channel.

Dynatronics 25 Series offers 1, 2, and 3 MHz Ultrasound Frequencies for the greatest flexibility in the depth of treatment.

Target and Target Sweep - There's no easier, more efficient way to focus treatment precisely where it's needed! Simply glide your finger across the TARGET touchpad to move the center of interference to the site of your patient's pain.
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