Ionto Plus Iontophoresis Electrodes - FREE SHIPPING

Ionto Plus Iontophoresis Electrodes - FREE SHIPPING

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    Product Description

    12/ per box

    Iontophoresis is the process by which drugs, usually dexamethasone and lidocaine, are introduced into a joint or small body part via electrical current. It is non-invasive, painless and it eliminates potential side effects and adverse reactions which can occur with medications delivered orally or by injection.

    3 basic Components

    1. DC generator; provides direct (galvanic) current.
  • Typical treatment time: 4 ma over 10 minutes or 40ma.
  • Cathode and anode are determined by which lead is connected with each electrode

    2. Active (delivery) electrode
  • Foam reservoir pad: holds ionic solution to be delivered
  • Polyester filled coated with silver/silver chloride: conducts the current evenly across the reservoir
  • Soft, flexible, foam coated with a medical grade adhesive

    3. Dispersive (return electrode)
  • Self-adhering, buffered conductive polymer: provides stable environment to prevent skin irritation/burns
  • Conductive (carbon) film: evenly distributes current across the electrode
  • White non-conductive vinyl-like material.
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