Silipos Finger & Toe Scar Management & Pressure Relief Products

Silipos offers soft slicone based products for the hand therapists, home patient, physical therapist, and orthotist, including digital caps, corn pads, toe separators, digistrip, digital pads, toe crests, toe spreaders & separators, finger length digital caps, bunion caps, Silopad dots, gel foot covers, gel-e-rolls, body sleeving, pressure relief padding, gel squares, heel/elbow slip covers, corn pads, gel toe tubes, cushion toe separators, toe combs, plantar fascitis arch support sleeves, all made with the comfort of the patient in mind, using silicone based products.

Silipos digital care products are recommended for corns, hammertoes, sore toes, alignment and straightening of toes, and protection from irritation and abrasion between overlapping digits.
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