Thera-Band Balance and Stability Products

Thera-Band stability trainers, rocker boards, wobble boards, and exercise balls are used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and patients at home to help challenge and improve balance and stability. Challenging balance and proprioception in a progressive manner helps a patient rely on their vision, inner ear, and propriceptors to maintain balance.

Thera-Band balance and stability products are great for athletes, weekend warriors, the aging populations, and patients recovering from stroke, orthopedic injuries and surgeries, including ACL reconstruction and Total Knee Replacements.

Thera-Band balance products are a great choice for rehabilitating older adults, enhancing sports performance, and the rehabilitation of lower extremities. Each specific product is designed for particular phase in rehabilitation to provide a progressive approach to proprioceptive and balance training.

  • Constructed with durable, long lasting PVC and molded plastic to withstand plenty of usage
  • Balance products can be incorporated into a variety of exercises to target specific needs
  • Great for balance training in ankle or knee injury situations, range of motion training, and core strength training
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