Uni-Patch (Uni Patch) - ST-Series -Woven Stainless Steel Electrotherapy Electrodes


Uni-Patch (Uni Patch) - ST-Series -Woven Stainless Steel  Electrotherapy Electrodes

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    Product Description

    Electrotherapy electrodes are used at home with a TENS, Muscle Stim, IFC or in a clinical setting with an electrotherapy stimulation machine to provide pain relief. The electrodes are placed directly on the skin and are used to deliver a current to a specific area of the body as an alternative to pain medication. These electrodes or “sticky pads” are easy to remove and when stored properly can be re-used for several treatments. Many therapist recommend electrotherapy to help manage and treat pain related to fibromyalgia, sciatica, TMJ, chronic back pain, bursitis, radiculopathy and more.

    Covidien is proud to introduce the new ST Series of Reeusable, Self-Adhering electrodes for TENS/FES/NMES stimulation. The ST Series electrodes feature a woven stainless steel conductive fabric layer and a long lasting 40 mil thick hydrogel.


    • Woven Stainless Steel Conductive Fabric Layer.
    • Outstanding conformance to contoured areas.
    • Woven fabric provides a tighter weave of stainless steel than the leading competitor’s knit fabric.
    • Industry Proven Hydrogel.
    • Long lasting 40 mil thick hydrogel for superior skin adherence.
    • Patented skin-friendly blue gel for patients with skin sensitivity issues, choose 545-ST or 555-ST.
    • Superior Lead Wire Technology.
    • Adhesive anchor system minimizes wire pull-out.
    • Flex connector mates securely to variations in pin size.
    • Tinted double coated liner simplifies electrode storage.
    • Re-sealable zipper storage pouch promotes.

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