Abstract 10

Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 3:135-145, 1994.

Treatment of Infrapatellar Tendinitis: A Combination of Modalities and Transverse Friction Massage Versus Iontophoresis

G.L. Pellecchia, Ma, PT, H. Hamel, PT, and P. Behnke, PT, ATC
Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Associates
Windsor, CT

The purpose of this study was to compare an established protocol of modalities and transverse friction massage (MOD & TFM) with iontophoresis of dexamethasone and lidocaine (IONTO) in the treatment of patients with infrapatellar tendonitis. Thirty subjects with infraptellar tendonitis were randomly assigned to either the MOD & TFM or the IONTO intervention. Subjects still symptomatic after six sessions of intervention received the alternate treatment protocol. Four measures were used to assess patient status: a Functional Index Questionnaire, a visual analog pain scale, a rating of tenderness with palpation of the involved tendon, and the number if step-ups needed to elicit pain. In response to the MOD and TFM intervention, only the number of step-ups performed to elicit pain showed significant improvement. All status measures improved significantly with the IONTO intervention. The results suggest that iontophoresis may be more efficient in decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing in patients with infrapatellar tendonitis.

?All status measures improved significantly (p<.05) over the course of treatment with the IONTO protocol.

?In this study of infrapatellar tendonitis, the IONTO protocol was associated with greater improvement in pain and function than the MOD & TFM protocol.

?Based on our findings, iontophoresis should be considered in developing the treatment plan for patients with infrapatellar tendonitis.

?...we recommend iontophoresis as the initial approach to the treatment goals of decreasing inflammation, promoting healing, and relieving pain.

?The shorter time required to administer the IONTO protocol leaves more treatment time for exercise, biomechanical assessment and functional training. Second, treatment with iontophoresis may represent a cost savings for patients and their insurers.

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