Abstract 6

American Journal of Sports Medicine, 25;312-316, 1997.

Treatment of Plantar Faciitis by Iontopherisis of 0.4% Dexamethasone A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study

Scott D. Gudeman, Sandra S Eisele, M.D., Robert S. Heidt, Jr., M.D., Angelo J. Cloismo, M.D. and Amanda L. Stroupe Specialty Centers for Orthop'dic & Rehabilitative Excellence, Indianapolis, Indiana, Wellington Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, and University Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Plantar faciitis is a common problem in running sports. This study was undertaken to determine whether iontophoresis of dexamethasone in conjunction with other traditional modalities provides more immediate pain relief than traditional modalities alone. Forty affected feet were randomly assigned to one of two groups. Group I feet were treated with traditional modalities and placebo iontophoresis. Group II feet received the traditional modalities plus iontophoresis of dexamethasone. Both groups were treated six times over 2 weeks. The subjects' clinical course was assessed using Maryland foot Score. At the conclusion of treatment, Group II patients had significantly greater improvement than Group I patients (increase on Maryland Foot Score of 6.8+/-5.6 for Group II and 3.1+/-4.1 for Group I). How ever, at follow-up 1 month after completion of treatment there was no significant difference between groups (increase 5.6+/-8.0 for Group I and 7.4+/-6.3 for Group II). These results suggest that although traditional modalities alone are ultimately effective, iontophoresis in conjunction with traditional modalities provides immediate reduction in symptoms. based on these results, iontophoresis of dexamethasone for plantar faciitis should be considered when more immediate results are needed (i.e., performance athletes and active patients).
?In this study, patients who underwent iontophoresis experienced greater immediate relief of symptoms than those treated with traditional modalities alone (as indicated by the Maryland Foot Scores).

?In the subsample, the difference was observed as early as the third iontophoresis administration (1 week).

?The use of iontophoresis for the treatment of plantar faciitis may be a cost effective modality to add to the treatment of plantar faciitis because it can shorten the length of time a patient must undergo therapy or time away from work.
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