Kinetec Kinevia Active Passive Trainers

The Kinetec Kinevia Active Passive Trainers are used in long term care facilities, nursing homes, inpatient physical therapy and outpatient physical therapy clinics by physical therapists to let the patient exercise in active(isotonic) mode, passive(CPM) mode, or active assist(soft training). Start the patient movement in passive mode and progress to active assist exercise, then progress the patient to active only exercise. The Kinetec Kinevia is made by the people that invented CPM!! Kinetec of France.

The Kinetec Kinevia Active Passive trainer can be used in assisted living centers, therapy departments in nursing homes, outpatient therapy centers, inpatient therapy centers. Patients that could benefit from using the Kinetec Kinevia are neurological patients, orthopedic patients, and patients that are in need of increased range of motion and strength.
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