Cramer Active Ankle Braces & Supports, Excel Ankle, Power Lacer

Cramer ankle braces and supports include the Active Ankle Brace, Excel Ankle Brace, AS1 Ankle Brace, EZ Lacer Ankle Brace, and the Power Lacer Ankle Brace, used by athletic trainers worldwide to provide support and protection of the athlete's ankle.

Active Ankle and Cramer have been the leading names in ankle protection for the last decade. From the development of the original Model 80 figure eight brace to the innovation of the bi-lateral hinge; Active Ankle and Cramer have been at the forefront of innovation in the ankle brace category. It isn't just ancient history. Cramer and Active Ankle continue that philosophy of innovation today with braces that are proven on the field and accepted in the training room.

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