Aquatic Exercise Equipment

Aqautic exercise has many advantages. Buoyancy takes the stress off joints, providing a safer medium for rehab and exercise. Due to its natural viscosity and hydrostatic pressure, water provides built-in progression since greater effort meets greater resistance. Aquatic rehab is the preferred therapy for many orthopedic injuries, ideal for hip and knee replacements. Simple actions like kicking, when done underwater, can be done in a much safer and therefore more therapeutic manner using the shield of buoyancy that water's natural tendency provides. In addition to movement underwater and general swimming, a line of therapeutic products exist which are designed to be used underwater. For instance, the Swimex Aqua Bike allows a patient to pedal without worrying about overexertion of joints as much as they would using an exercise bike above water. Kickboards and weights allow for unique aquatic exercise, giving patients the added benefit of a workout not available unless they were in water.
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