Cramer Athletic Training Kits

Cramer Athletic Trainer's Kits include the Ridgeline Razor, Tuf-Tek, Slimpak, and Elite lines of athletic training kits. We also carry Cramer Fanny Packs, Travel Trunks, and all of the supplies that go with the best brand of training kits on the market.

Cramer Athletic training kits have to a lot to live up to. It's your badge that signifies you as the athletic trainer on the sideline. It's your everyday tool that stands up to more use and abuse than any other in your profession. And all the while, it holds, organizes and protects the tools you need to tape an ankle, treat an injury or even save a life. Cramer knows that quality matters. That?s why we design, manufacture, and stand by our athletic training kits that hold up to the worst you can throw at them.
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