Balance Boards, Wobble Boards, Bongo Boards for Physical Therapy & Home Use

For Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Home Use, Home Health Nurses, Long Term Care facilities, and Physical Therapy clinics we offer wooden balance boards, wobble boards, KP boards, rocker boards, bongo balance boards, feeble boards, com bobble boards, soft balance pads, progressive incline boards, wobble ball and wooden ankle exercisers.

Balance boards and Wobble boards can be used to develop reflexes for athletic training, physical therapy, recreation and more. These boards are built with a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and settings for a comfortable, safe and challenging exercise experience.

  • A comfortable and effective way of approaching reflex and balance development for physical therapy or athletic training purposes
  • A variety of shapes and sizes deliver an ideal exercise for novice, intermediate, or advanced users
  • Low profile designs and durable materials ensure each use remains comfortable, safe and effective
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