Bauerfeind Back Braces & Supports

If you have back problems, Bauerfeind® has a variety of LumboTrain, LumboTrain Lady and SacroLoc braces and supports to help you adapt to every movement during activities, sports, physical labor and everything the day throws at you. These braces help relieve tension and gently massage the muscles and tendons during movement.

With a wide variety of LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady sizes, you will find the perfect fit and ultimate comfort you’re looking for. The SacroLoc brace specifically targets the sacroiliac (the rigid joint at the back of the pelvis). Adjust the tension straps to control the amount you want.

Our supports are ideal for chronic or acute pain, post-op or sports injuries. All LumboTrain and SacroLoc braces are made with machine-washable breathable material and soft construction, so they are comfortable to wear and can be worn under clothing.

Don’t let back pain get the best of you. Stay active and do the things you love, with Bauerfeind LumboTrain, LumboTrain Lady and SacroLoc back braces and supports.

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