Bauerfeind Knee, Hip and Thigh Supports-Orthopedic Softgoods

Bauerfeind® has a variety of GenuTrain knee braces and supports that use a perfect combination of materials and specially designed construction to provide pain relief and stabilization in the knees. Supporting your knee with a GenuTrain knee brace ensures that any swelling subsides quickly and your muscles, joints and ligaments get soothing support to relieve knee pain.

Whether it’s a knee injury, a medical condition or just discomfort, we have a support for what ails you: from knee pain and swelling to osteoarthritis, misalignment of the kneecap and post-surgery care. GenuTrain supports are made of breathable soft fabric for active all-day comfort and solid support, to ease your pain and stabilize injured areas.

Whether it’s from a sports injury or pain from everyday movements like walking, sitting and standing, climbing stairs or running, free yourself from the pain with Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain knee braces and supports.

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