Baseline Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges for Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy

Baseline Dynamometers measure grip and strength that is used to validate strength and progress in physical therapy clinics, hand therapy clinics, athletic training rooms, work hardening programs, as well as nursing homes and long term care facilities.

. Baseline offers pneumatic squeeze dynamometers, bulb dynamometers, spring dynamometers, grip and pinch dynamometers, mechanical pinch gauges, Jamar pinch and grip dynamometers, hand evaluation sets, wrist and forearm dynamometers, push-pull dynamometers, lift testing dynamometers, back-leg-chest dynamometers, tensiometers, manual muscle testing dynamometers, as well as neck strength gauges.

Many standardized validity tests (v tests) are done with Baseline dynamometers, including sustained grip tests and rapid exchange tests to validate patient effort.
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