Cando Exercise Bands, Cuff Weights, Dumbbells, Wall Stations, Theraputty, for Physical Therapy

Cando exercise products are used by physical therapy clinics, long term care facilities, and athletic trainers, and include exercise bands, balance pads, cuff weights, dumbbells, hand exercisers, therapy putty, wall stations, rebounders, exercise balls, and hand weights.

  • Their bright colors highlight their aesthetic appeal, but the real strength in the product is the quality, not just the looks.
  • Made from high quality materials, Cando products are designed to be durable.
  • Use Cando products as part of a regular workout or a physician-designed rehabilitation program.
  • Color Code Resistance that matches the Thera-Band Color Codes

The versatility of Cando products is just one of their many features.

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