Iontophoresis Electrodes, Patches, Hybresis(I-Bresis) and Phoresor Dose Controllers

Iontophoresis is a needle free, non invasive technology used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and hand therapists for delivering water soluble, ionic drugs or other compounds through the skin using a microprocessor controlled electrical current. The current carries the compounds into underlying tissue and into the blood stream, making the delivery either site specific or systemic. The microprocessor dose controller facilitates variable dose control enabling programmable or patient controlled dosing as well as rapid onset and cessation of delivery, where desired. Iontophoresis can deliver a broad range of compounds including large molecules such as peptides and proteins. It is also several orders of magnitude faster than passive patches or topical creams, and is the treatment of choice by therapists and trainers that need to treat inflammation in joints, such as tennis elbow.

  • We carry both wired and wireless iontophoresis electrodes. We carry the Iomed, Iogel, Optima, Trans Q E, Trans Q Flex , and Companion 80 brands of electrodes, as well as the Chattanooga I-Bresis(replacement for the Empi Hybresis), IontoPatch, Trivarian, Ionto Pus, and Activatek ActivaPatch Iontophoresis electrodes. We carry buffered ionto electrodes for patient comfort, as well as the Iomed products with Hydrogel technology and silver silver chloride for the most efficient impedance in the market for delivering current and ions to the patient.
  • We offer Phoresor Dose Controllers from Chattanooga Group and Trivarion to provide gentle, accurate and easily controlled direct current for up to 80 ma (milliamps) of current .
  • Our Phoresor Dose Controllers come with a one year warranty
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