CANDO/Fabrication Enterprises Exercise Bands, Baseline Goniometers , Dynamometers, Evaluation

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CanDo® exercise products have been used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, pediatric physical and occupational therapists, and the general public since the 1980s. Many of you who have received therapy after an injury have probably used a CanDo® exercise product during your rehabilitation.

The product line includes exercisers for strength and rehabilitation, balance and coordination, and flexibility. Many CanDo® exercisers are now available in consumer friendly retail packaging.

Cando products include Exercise Bands, Exercise Tubing, Hand Exercisers, Baseline Goniometers, Baseline Inclinometers, Baseline Dynamometers, Dexterity Tests, Skillbuilders Pediatric Supports, TubmleForms Pediatric Positioning Supports, as well as Cando Exercise Balls.

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