Cando Hand Exercisers Theraputty, Hand Webs, Twist-n-Bend Bars, Digi-Squeeze Balls, Hand Grippers

CanDo Hand Exercisers have been used by Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapists, Athletic trainers & for consumer home-use for hand therapy exercises. The CanDo Hand Exercisers consist of Hand Webs, Digi-Squeeze Balls, Twist-n-Bend Bars, Exercise Bands, Theraputty, Finger Weights, Hand Grippers and Digi-Extend Hand Exercisers. The product line includes exercisers for strength and rehabilitation, balance and coordination, and flexibility. The Cando Hand Exercisers are perfect for patients recovering from finger fractures, wrist fractures, forearm injury, carpal tunnel, head injury, elbow fracture, arm fractures, broken fingers or a stroke patient.

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