Cando Weight Bars

The easy to grip Cando® exercise weight bars range from 1 to 25 lbs., and are perfect for use in therapy, fitness, 'robics, yoga and pilates.

  • Provides a graded resistive exercise program
  • More efficient and secure than the wooden dowel and weighted cuff
  • Anti-roll end cap to prevent Wate? bar from rolling around and becoming a safety hazard.
  • Hangar end cap (bars up to 10 lbs.) for the most space effective storage, hanging on a hook rack
  • 3' long bars for all weights up to 10 lbs., 4' long bars for all weights 10 to 25 lbs.
  • Used to improve upper extremity strength and endurance for patients with head trauma, strokes, burns, arthritis, orthopedic conditions, pediatric and cardiac physical disabilities
  • Sold in sets or separately
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