Resistance Chair Smooth Rider Pedal Exerciser Attachment


Resistance Chair Smooth Rider Pedal Exerciser Attachment

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    The custom-designed exercise bike attachments snap on to the front crossbarof the Resistance Chair® to give you additional cardio and legexercise. In addition, you can attach resistance cables to the uprightrow bar for exercises such as rows and lateral pulls. The mini-bikesinclude an LCD display and adjusts for resistance level and leg length.

    The "Smooth Rider" Mini-Bike features aspecial magnetic resistance system to provide the smoothest andquietest ride possible. The Smooth Rider creates resistance throughmagnetic force, rather than friction, which makes it very durable andsuitable for heavy use applications, such as gyms and rehabilitationcenters. A 10" range of motion allows you to stretch out and get themost of your routine. You can also pedal in either direction, forwardor backward. The Smooth Rider adjusts for leg length and resistancelevel and is ideal for longer-duration cardiovascularworkouts. 

    Resistance Chair magnetic pedal exerciser
    Keyfeatures/benefits include:
    • Includesone set of "Level 5" resistance cables and owner's manual
    • Ultra-Smooth MagneticResistance
    • 10-Inch Range of Motion
    • Very Durable and Quiet
    • Great for Longer DurationWorkouts
    • Upright Bar for ResistanceCables
    • Adjustable Resistance Level
    • Rolls for Easy Storage
    Anote about pedal exerciser differences:
    • The VQ ActionCare SmoothRider pedal exerciser uses smoother, magnetic resistance andhas a 10" pedal crank shaft, similar to our IsokineticsInc. Magnetic Pedal Exercisers.Magnetic resistance provides a noticeably smooth rotation and is idealfor heavier exercise routines.
    • The VQ ActionCare ShortStroke pedal exerciser createsresistance with a composite fabric band and has 7" pedal crank shafts,similar to our IsokineticsInc. Deluxe Pedal Exercisers.Band resistance is not as smooth as magnetic, but the shorter pedalcrank shaft requires less leg lifting and many people prefer it.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always check with your doctorbefore starting any new exercise program or using any new piece ofequipment. The minimum height requirement for using the mini-bikes isat least 4 feet, 8 inches tall, and the maximum userheight is 6 feet,3 inches tall.
    ASSEMBLY: Some assembly is required with the SmoothRider mini-bike exercycles. The pedals and upright bar must be attachedprior to operation of the bike. This requires 5 to 10 minutes tocomplete. Assembly instructions and necessary tool are included.

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