ExerBand Portable Home Gym with Exercise Tubing

ExerBand Portable Home Gym with Exercise Tubing

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    Product Description

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    The home system's around the door web strap, with it's 15 easy anchor loops assures that exercises learned in the clinic on the exercise rails can be faithfully replicated in home or office settings.

    Each of the system's exercise devices and accessories are light weight and compact, making them completely portable so you can exercise anywhere, any time. The devices are extremely user friendly making the system ideal for all age, fitness and knowledge levels.

    Portable Gym

    The Portable Home Gym includes:
    • Around the Door Anchor Strap
    • Tubing: 5 resistance levels, pre-cut
    • The Rope, Assisted Stretching Device
    • EzChange Handles: set of 4
    • Rubber Saddle Anchor Strap
    • Fitness Bar
    Door anchor strap illustration

    Instructional Materials:
    • Strengthening Poster
    • Stretching Poster
    • Fitness Bar Poster
    • Bilateral Pak Book

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