Chattanooga Iomed Iontophoresis Electrodes and Phoresor Dose Controllers

Chattanooga Group Iomed Iontophoresis electrodes are used to help deliver drugs transdermally, with the primary use by physical therapists and hand therapists to reduce inflammation without injections. Chattanooga offers a dual channel phoresor to help deliver up to 80 milliamps of direct current in a comfortable format.

Iontophoresis can deliver a broad range of compounds including large molecules such as peptides and proteins. It is also several orders of magnitude faster than passive patches or topical creams. As a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of active drug transport systems for the sports and rehabilitative medicine markets, IOMED by Chattanooga has the most comprehensive line of iontophoretic drug delivery products to treat inflammatory conditions and to administer local dermal anesthesia. Their proven technology has been used in over 22 million patient treatments. On average, IOMED by Chattanooga products are used in clinics nationwide over 7,000 times per day.
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