Latex Exercise Tubing & Kits with Handles - Thera-Band, Exerband, CANDO

We offer Exerband tubing kits with soft grip handles, bow tie tubing kits, tubing kits with PVC handles, from Exerband, Thera-band, and CANDO.

Color coded resistant exercise tubing provide a progressive positive force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Strength training exercise is critical for fighting frailty and disability,while increasing mobility, reducing bone loss, and promoting bone formation. These products improve athletic performance and optimize functional movement in daily life, but are lightweight and compact.

Exercise Tubing Kits are used for strengthening exercises, resistance training and physical therapy. We offer a wide variety of Latex Exercise Tubing in different lengths, with or without handles, from Exerband, Thera-Band, and CANDO.

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