Anatomical Models, Charts, Home Program DVDs for the Doctor, Patient, and Physical Therapist

We offer a large variety of educational products such as wall charts, videos, manuals, anatomical models, DVDs for home exercise programs, back pain management, and a variety of therapy programs. Our professional wall charts are designed for easy readability. We have wall charts and models on the skull, nervous system, vascular system and viscera, and skeletal/muscular system. Our educational videos provide an extensive description on the subjects of healthy fitness and exercising, back care, neck care, and correct posture. We also offer videos and slide shows on cumulative trauma which address a variety of upper body repetitive motion disorders, including tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and etc. We have a large variety of manuals as well. We have manuals on flexibility and strength assessment, neck and back pain management, and exercises that can be done using an exercise ball.
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