Walker Glides, Tips, Glide Caps, Extenders from Drive Medical & Invacare

For the home patient that has a walker, but needs accessories such as tens ball glides, sneaker walker dudes, walker glide caps, walker wheels for bariatric and standard walkers, or glides for their walkers to make using the walker easier to navigate on carpet or hard surface floors, we can help, with our walker accessory products from Drive Medical and Invacare.

When it comes to walking aids, bath safety and personal care products, we remain committed to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Isokinetics walking aids are high quality, affordable products designed to increase mobility and make daily activities easier. For years home care providers have been trusting Guardian walking aids to put people back on their feet.

Rolling Walkers, bedside commodes, shower chairs, seat lifts, canes and more can be bought at below Medicare rates, online, from Isokineticsinc.com.
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