Detecto 475 Seated Chair Scale


Detecto 475 Seated Chair Scale

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    Product Description

    Frequent weight checks of frail, handicapped and elderly patients can be a tremendous time-consuming task without the proper equipment. Detecto simplifies that job with a selection of innovative American-made mechanical chair scales with wheels. The 475 and 4751 have plastic-molded seats for patient comfort complete with with lift-away arms and footrest for easy access with die-cast dual-sided weigh beam readable from either side, white enamel finish. 400 lb x 4 oz / 175 kg x 100 g.


    • Die-Cast Weigh Beam May Be Read From Either Side
    • Integral Wheels Ease Transport
    • Lift-Away Arms and Footres
    • Eye-Level Display Convenience
    • Made in USA Quality
    • Plastic-Molded Seat

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