Detecto In-Bed Scales for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Facilities

Detecto's USA-made in bed scales are designed to securely and comfortably weigh bed-ridden and non-ambulatory patients. These hydraulic lift scales feature long, flame-retardant stretchers that are placed underneath the patients and raised several inches for weighing. Hydraulic lift mechanisms, locking casters, and an adjustable weighing arm ensure patient security and convenient access. Detecto's patient bed scales include a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, weight hold feature, and can also interface with electronic devices for EMR/EHR compliance. Each stretcher scale includes a ZERO key so that users can subtract bedding weight for reliable, accurate measurements. Detecto's bed scales are popular with nurses and doctors worldwide who need a convenient, secure way to measure bed-ridden patients.
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