Detecto In-Floor Scales for Hospitals, Long Term Care, Nursing Homes

Detecto's USA-made in floor scales are ideal for weighing patients who are non-ambulatory, bariatric, in wheelchairs, or on dialysis. Each recessed floor scale has a platform that is level with the floor for convenient access. Patients can be wheeled onto the floor scale or can step on by themselves without having to raise their legs to accommodate a high platform. Detecto's dialysis scales have a 1,000 lb capacity and are available in a number of sizes up to 6 feet long in order to fit beds, stretchers, and wheelchairs easily. All digital floor scales have an AC-powered indicator that provides pound or kilogram weight readings with a 1 high LCD readout. Choose a Detecto in-floor scale for the ultimate solution in convenient, secure weighing for non-ambulatory and bariatric patients. Made in America.
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