Whitehall Fluidotherapy/ Thermo-Therapy Dry Heat Therapy

Thermo-Therapy is a dry heat modality that is used in hand therapy and physical therapy, by therapists and athletic trainers to help in range of motion therapy to help patients and athletes improve their range of motion and to help in desensitize injured areas after surgery or injury.

Dry Heat, along with air flow and celled are used to provide Thermo-Therapy.

Dry Heat Therapy

Thermo Therapy is Whitehall's solution and alternative to Fluidotherapy units for Dry Heat Therapy. Thermo Therapy describes a process of granulated or ground cellulose - Cestim being held in animated suspension by heated air forced through an air distributor and held captive by a housing and flexible Velcro® tightening sleeves.

This process allows for a hand, wrist, foot, ankle, and on larger units, the lower leg, to be immersed in the Celstim medium. This treatment gently and warmly massages the extremity resulting in improved circulation, healing and comfort.

Whitehall manufactures three Thermo Therapy models. All are shipped complete with Celstim and operating instructions.

On all models the lower panel can be removed to facilitate quick access to the blowers. Thermo Therapy units have a patient protector above the air distributor which eliminates static shock and moderates heat transfer. These units are dual thermostat protected to prevent overheating in both the treatment and the motor chambers.
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