Empi Dupel BLUE - Iontophoresis Electrodes Buffered-Alternative

Empi Dupel B.:L.U.E Iontophoresis electrodes and Action Patch Iontophoresis patches are no longer available. We offer the Iomed OptimA buffered iontophoresis electrodes and the Axelgaard Ionto 480 buffered iontophoresis electrodes as direct replacements. The Iomed OptimA is made on the same machine and in the same factory as the Empi B.L.U.E. iontophoresis electrode.

We offer two Phoresor dose controllers, the Chattanooga Dual Channel Phoresor Dose Controller, the identical machine to the Empi dose controller, and the Trivarion Poresor Dose Controller, which is identical to the Iomed PM 850 Phoresor.
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