Empi Hybresis & Action Patch Alternative- Iontophoresis Patches-Wireless

For Empi Hybresis and Action Patch customers, we offer the Chattanooga I-Bresis(replacement for the Empi Hybresis), Iomed Companion 80, IontoPatch Stat and the IontoPatch Extra Strength transdermal iontophoresis patches as alternatives, all with minimal vasodilation.

We also carry the ActivaPatch Intelligent Delivery Iontophoresis Patch as a replacement for the Empi Action Patch.

With IontoPatch, Companion 80, and ActivaPatch, there is no need to pretreat the skin to get effective iontophoresis treatments.

We offer two Phoresor dose controllers, the Chattanooga Dual Channel Phoresor Dose Controller, the identical machine to the Empi dose controller, the Chattanooga I-Bresis Charging Station, I-Bresis Dose Controller, and the Trivarion Phoresor Dose Controller, which is identical to the Iomed PM 850 Phoresor.

We have transdermal iontophoresis patches that can be worn for 1.25 hours, 2.5 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 14 hours, and for 24 hours. Dosage levels range from 40 milliamps to up to 120 milliamps. (see the dosage and time on each product page)
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