I-Bresis Dose Controller-Replacement for the Empi Hybresis Dose Controller


I-Bresis Dose Controller-Replacement for the Empi Hybresis Dose Controller

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    Product Description

    The dose controller activates I-Bresis and Standard Modes. Delivery flexibility allows clinicians to select the perfect treatment combination for each individual patient.

    The I-Bresis™ System delivers charged water-soluble drugs and other ionic substances across intact skin and consists of three components: a Charging Station, rechargeable Controller(s) and disposable Patch(es). The I-Bresis™ System is designed to provide the following three treatment options:

    • I-Bresis™ Treatment The Controller delivers current at 3 mA to the Patch for three minutes for a Skin Conductivity Enhancement (SCE), followed by the patient wearing the Patch for approximately one to two hours, resulting in a 40-80 mA-min treatment respectively.
    • Standard Treatment The Controller delivers current at 2, 3 or 4 mA to the Patch for 10-20 minutes, resulting in a 40 mA-min treatment. For an 80 mA-minute treatment, repeat the treatment.
    • Patch Treatment The Patch delivers low-level current over 2-4 hours, resulting in an approximate 40-80 mA-min treatment respectively.
    The I-Bresis™ System is indicated for the administration of soluble salts or other drugs into the body for medical purposes as an alternative to hypodermic injection.


    • Button Functions - There are three buttons on top of the Controller. The buttons have the following functions:

      • ON/OFF - Turns the power on and off. After power-on, the unit defaults to I-Bresis™ mode. If power is turned off during a treatment, the current is ramped to zero (to avoid excessive electrical sensation) before the unit powers off. This aborts the treatment and mA- minute dose information is lost.
      • START/PAUSE - Starts the selected treatment or pauses treatment. If pressed during a treatment, the current will ramp down and the treatment will be 5 paused. Pressing this button while paused will resume the treatment.
      • STANDARD MODE - Selects a standard treatment of 2, 3 or 4 mA. The selection can be made during setup, pause or treatment. If made during treatment, the current will ramp-up or ramp-down to the newly selected current setting.
    • Interpretation of Four Green Lights:
      • Flashing Slowly (1 Hz): Setup or Pause
      • Flashing Rapidly (4 Hz): Ramp-up, Ramp-down or Current Interrupt
      • Continuous: Steady State Current Alarm Light - One Multicolor Light
      • Red Flashing Rapidly: Current Interrupt Warning
      • Yellow Continuous: Low Battery


    • Battery: Rechargeble Lithium-ion 3.7VDC Battery
    • Dose Range: 0 to 40 mA-minute (I-Bresis Patch has an 80 mA-minute dose capacity)
    • Dimensions: 5.5cm H x 4.5cm W x 1.5cm L

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