Iomed - Companion 80 Iontophoresis Patch-24 Hour-80mA


Iomed  - Companion 80 Iontophoresis Patch-24 Hour-80mA

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    Product Description

    Designed to deliver an 80 mA-minute dose over 24 hours, allowing the patient to tend to normal daily activities while receiving treatment.


    • nternal 1 volt battery - no wires to connect
    • Reserve battery capacity compensates for patients with higher skin resistance
    Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    • Adheres well, even in the shower
    • Conforms well to treatment areas
    • Fits comfortably beneath clothing
    Silver-silver chloride ph stabilizing
    • Conducts more efficiently than Carbon
    • Stabilizes pH without using chemical buffers


    • Active Area - 6.45cm2
    • Approx. Fill Volume - - 1.1cc
    • Maximum Dosage - - 80mA-minutes
    • Recommended Wear Time - 24 hours
    • Skin Interface Matrix - Absorbent Non-Woven Fabric
    • Adhesive - Hypoallergenic
    • Skin Fixation Material - Latex Free: Flexible & Breathable
    • Conductive Element - Cathode (-) Silver-Silver Chloride
    • Anode (+) Silver
    • Packaging - 6 each Companion 80s, Saline Vials & Alcohol Preps

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