Bauerfeind Foot Braces & Supports-Orthopedic Softgoods

Bauerfeind® has a variety of AchilloTrain, MalleoLoc and MalleoTrain ankle braces and supports, so you can select one based on your level of injury or pain and target the part of your ankle area that needs stability and support.

The self-shaping MalleoLoc and MalleoTrain knit fabric conform to your body, stabilizing and supporting your ankle. The braces can be used to support ankle sprains, twisting injuries, ligament weakness or extreme overload during sports.

The AchilloTrain® and AchilloTrain Pro® supports help to relieve pain and inflammation in the Achilles tendon without restricting mobility. With an integrated removable heel wedge and a second, separate wedge to keep leg lengths equal, you can make adjustments to the brace to make it most comfortable for you.

Don’t let the pain of a sprain or other ankle problems keep you off your feet. Stay active, with Bauerfeind’s AchilloTrain, MalleoLoc, or MalleoTrain ankle braces and supports.

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